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While this blog is merely in its infancy in terms of recent content, I have however developed and over time amassed a range of products over the years. On account of compiling various previous work onto the Cinemasochist blog, I have put together a list of my prior work below.

Starting with one of my more recent projects, an animation based on the fickle nature of places like Hollywood, and ending chronologically with the video furthest back in time, a Vox Pop centred around the London MCM Comic Con of October 2013, there is a range of content to consume.  Please have a watch, and let me know what you think in the comments!

‘The Frozen’:

‘The Frozen’ is a film that attempts to bring a short insight into the fickle and shallow nature of pop-culture, and ‘idealistic’ places like Hollywood…

Created and Directed by Mitchell Cork.

Animated by Mitchell Cork and Benjamin Moss

‘Whats the plan?’:

This is a short animation based on one of the key scenes from the cult film ‘Shaun of the Dead’.

Animated and Developed by Mitchell Cork.

‘An interview with comedian Humza Arshad’:

An interview with the comedian and YouTube star, Humza Arshad. We were able to sit down and interview the then rising star about his experience in the comedy game so far.

Directed, Edited and Interviewed by Mitchell Cork.

Shot and Produced by Nathan Hayward.

‘MCM Comic Con London 2013’:

This show was filmed at MCM London Comic Con at the London Excel Centre back in October 2013.

Directed, Edited and Produced by Mitchell Cork.

Shot and Produced by Nathan Hayward.

While some of my content has not aged all too well, I believe that documenting my history in video based entertainment is an important part of understanding where I have come from, and how I have developed in my career. I hope you took at least some amount of enjoyment from watching my older work.

Interested in my work? Want to know more about me? Why not take a look at my main site over at

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