EA, E3 2017 Predictions

Conference Time – BST: 8pm | PT: 12pm

So it’s that time once more – the Electronics Entertainment Expo 2017, or rather E3 2017, has graced our lives once more. EA kicks off the show again this year, (well, technically they kick off the show. I suppose it doesn’t officially start until tomorrow -really-, since EA no longer take part in E3 and instead choose to host their own event the day before E3 starts. But despite this, everyone still -technically- considers the EA conference an event on the E3 calendar, and so I think it’s fair that we can count it as the beginning of the week. But I digress…)

EA are one of the biggest third party game publishers around today, with notable IP in their stable such as FIFA, Battlefield, and Mass Effect to name a few. As with all of the six main press conferences we will be seeing over the coming days, one of the most exciting things we are treated to are the surprise and shock announcements that come with each showcase. As such, I have gone ahead and made a list of 5 predictions that I think/want to happen during the EA press conference. And so, my predictions for the EA 2017 press conference are as follows:

  1. The show will open with, and reveal, Skate 4 with a gameplay demo and will come with a Winter 2017 release date.
  2. Madden 18 will be given the Fifa 17 treatment and have a cinematic career mode.
  3. We will be given the first look at the Amy Hennig-led Star Wars game with a brief gameplay tease and a full CG trailer with an attached ‘Coming Soon’ release date
  4. A CG trailer will be shown seemingly announcing a new Horror franchise but will, by the end, reveal the title ‘Dead Space’ which will be receiving a reboot
  5. The show will close with the first proper look at Bioware Prime’s new RPG, which will be given a proper title, and a tentative 2018 release date

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