Microsoft, E3 2017 Predictions

Conference Time – BST: 10pm | PT: 2pm

As we move onto the second press conference of E3 2017, we find ourselves waiting in anticipation for Microsoft to take to the stage and unveil the next step in the future of Xbox. This is undoubtedly a big year for all of the first parties, what with Nintendo unveiling wave two of games for the Switch and Sony pining to keep their lead on the other competitors; all involved are aiming to put their best foot forward. But perhaps more so than any other, this E3 is the most important for Microsoft, the company who, since the beginning of this generation, have desperately been playing catch up since the unveiling of the console back in 2013.

But times are different now; this is now a ship now captained by Phil Spencer, a man who has been righting so many wrongs for the Xbox brand over the past 4 years since the travesty that was the launch event for the Xbox One. Under his guidance, Xbox has fought back to prove that they are indeed a games console for gamers, and with prior announcements such as the Xbox One S, Backwards Compatibility and Games Pass scoring so much favor with the fans, all eyes are on Scorpio to be the large jump forward we, as fans and game lovers, all want it to be. And so, with bated breath, I give you my Xbox predictions for what I think/hope Microsoft will unveil in the upcoming press conference…

  1. Project Scorpio will open the Microsoft press conference with a sizzle reel and be given the formal title of ‘The Xbox One Elite’, (echoing the 360 brand). Next, the physical design of the console as well as a new Xbox operating system will be shown off. With any games that are shown, all gameplay displayed will bear the slogan ‘Elite Enhanced’. Finally, the price will be announced towards the end of the conference as £349, $399, and €399, surprising everyone.
  2. Crackdown 3 will be re-debuted as a showcase for the Scorpio, and will feature a 4-player co-op stage demo between a Scorpio, Xbox One, Xbox One S and a PC and be given an Autumn 2017 release date.
  3. Phil Spencer will take to the stage to announce the next wave of 360 backwards- compatible games, as well as for the first time that select original Xbox games will now be backwards compatible, and that a vast majority of the backwards games will now be available on the Xbox Game Pass.
  4. A Perfect Dark reboot is revealed as an open world, third person, RPG set in a fictional futuristic city, and given a tentative 2018 release date.
  5. As the ‘one more thing’ to close the press conference, Alan Wake 2 will be announced with CG trailer with an attached ‘Coming Soon’ at the end.

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