Microsoft, E3 Press Conference Live Blog

Conference Time – BST: 10pm | PT: 2pm

Check out the Microsoft press conference live blog below!

22:00 – And so we begin…

22:01 – After a flashback montage, it seems we are indeed starting with Scorpio – exciting!

22:03 – Scorpio looks great! Its like a matt black Xbox One S

22:04 – Phil Spencer takes the stage

22:05 – “Xbox One X” is the official name of the Scorpio, will launch world wide November 7

22:06 – Xbox One X begins to unveil its official specs, proving definitively that it is indeed the most powerful console ever made

22:08 – ‘X’ will improve games that already exist with no patch required, and even if you do not have a 4K TV, you will still receive multiple boosts and improvements to games

22:10 – ‘X’ has a tonne of custom infrastructure, so much so, that it is the smallest Xbox ever

22:11 – Exclusive world premiere of the new ‘Forza 7’ running on the Xbox one X – It looks stunning!

22:13 – An exclusivity deal between Forza and Porsha has resulted in the unveiling of the new Porsha 911 2018 edition live on the Xbox E3 stage

22:15 – Forza 7 runs at 4K and 60fps on the Xbox One X

22:17 – October 3rd is the release date for Forza 7

22:18 – 42 games to be featured in todays presentation

22:19 – World Premiere of… Holy shit is this a new METRO?!

22:23 – METRO: Exodus has just been announced, and I am so very happy!

22:25 – It appears all the leaks were indeed true (poor ubisoft) and Assassins Creed Origins has just been announced

22:27 – We are given are first look at the new Assassins creed running on the Xbox One X

22:29 – It would appear the eagle vision has turned into… well, literal eagle vision

22:31 – The new Assassins creed seems to be featuring RPG elements quite heavily – with weapons dropped by enemies having individual stats available to be picked up and utilised in your arsenal

22:33 – Assassins Creed Origins coming October 27th


22:37 – Battlegrounds coming late 2017

22:38 – A new game that looks like a combination between a survival sim and Minecraft that looks really good is shown off (Missed the title unfortunately) 🙁

22:39 – State of Decay 2 is shown off and it looks just as great as the first with all the enhancements you wanted from the sequel, including, yes, co-op!

22:42 – State of Decay 2 coming spring 2018

22:45 – Xbox exclusive the Darwin Project shown off

22:46 – A tonne of new Minecraft updates coming this year – including uniting all devices, PC’s and consoles being compatible with one another!

22:47 – The Minecraft Super Duper graphic pack is coming this fall bringing a new 4K graphical update to the entire game

22:49 – World Premiere of a new Dragon Ball 2D fighter that looks just like the anime titled ‘Dragon Ball Fighter Z’ coming spring 2018 unveiled

22:53 – MMO Black Desert announced for Xbox

22:54 – The (gorgeous) Last Night is debuted with stunning pixel art graphics to boot!

22:55 – The Artful Escape announced coming when it damn ready apparently

22:57 – Code Vein is shown off coming in 2018

22:57 – Sea of Thieves is given a detailed gameplay walkthrough showing us exactly what we will be doing in game

23:01 – Nothing like a little bit of British humour to help make an extended gameplay demo much more entertaining

23:06 – Real talk though, Sea of Thieves looks like a hell of a lot of fun to play with friends

23:06 – Tacoma is coming August 6th

23:09 – Super Lucky’s Tale shown off on stage

23:10 – Cuphead is (finally) given a September 29th release date

23:11 – Is… is Terry Crews now confirmed for Crackdown 3???

23:12 – …also, Crackdown 3 is here!

23:13 – Crackdown 3 is shown off with a gameplay trailer but no release date is given

23:13 – Its time for the obligatory compilation of smaller games coming to ID@Xbox and as always, its the smaller games that look so refreshingly creative

23:15 – Xbox Exclusive Ashen is shown off

23:18 – The world premier of Life is Strange: Before the Storm, a 3 episode mini season is debuted on the Xbox Stage

23:20 – Middle-Earth: Shadow of War takes to the stage in an extended gameplay demo

23:24 – You know what… I like this Bruce fella – he’s alright in my books

23:29  – Exclusive World Premiere of Ori and the Will of the Wisps

23:30 – They fucking did it… Select original Xbox games will now be available via backwards compatible – available later this year

23:33 – Xbox one X will be priced at $499 when it arrives later this year

23:36 – EA developers arrive on the stage to show off Anthem

23:40 – Is anyone else getting Lost Planet meets Mass Effect vibes from Anthem? Cause I am, and I am loving it

23:43 – Anthem will be coming some time in 2018

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