Bethesda, E3 2017 Predictions

Conference Time – BST: 3am (Monday Morning) | PT : 9pm

Stepping up to the plate to bat next we have Bethesda, a company that up until two years ago, had never hosted an E3 press conference. Its no surprise then, that if you look back at how far Bethesda have come over the past 10 years, that they would absolutely be able to stand with the giant first and third party publishers of the contemporary.

If you take a look at any part of the portfolio that Bethesda boasts, it is easy to see that they control not just some of the biggest games today, but some of the biggest game franchises ever to grace a console or PC. Because of this, there is no shortage of possible predictions that one could hazard a guess at for this press conference, but below, are my five predictions….

  1. The next game in the Wolfenstein franchise will open the show and be subtitled  ‘New Colossus’ – It will receive a gameplay demo, a trailer and a Spring 2018 release date.
  2. Dishonoured 2 will receive a trailer detailing the game’s first DLC.
  3. Todd Howard will come on stage to show off Switch specific features for Skyrim, before giving us an official release date for August…
  4. …And before Todd Howard leaves the stage, he will give the first teaser for Bethesda Game Studios new IP but no firm release date.
  5. The Evil Within 2 will close the show with a 15+ minute gameplay walkthrough with trailer and will receive an October release date.

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