Bethesda, E3 Press Conference Live Blog

Conference Time – BST: 3am (Monday Morning) | PT : 9pm

Check out the Bethesda press conference live blog below!

05:03 – After a great little intro video focusing on the staff behind Bethesda, we are graced by ‘Bethesdaland’ as Pete Hines takes to the stage.

05:05 – Before we start, lets look at what we have been playing…

05:06 – It seems were kicking right off with Bethesda VR

05:07 – DOOM VFR is announced

05:08 – Fallout 4 VR is announced as well

05:10 – We are given a quick look at the just released expansion for ESO

05:13 – Creation Club is coming this summer in an announcement that will help individuals develop in game tools and assets for Fallout and Skyrim

05:15 – Elder Scrolls Legends Heroes of Skyrim announced coming June 29th 2017

05:17 – Exclusive content coming to Skyrim on Switch

05:19 – DLC for Dishonoured 2, titled ‘Death of the Outsider’ will be coming later this year

05:22 – BJ Blaskovitch is now a playable hero in Quake Champions

05:23 – Quake Championship coming later this year at Quake Con

05:27 – The Evil Within 2 announced coming Friday the 13th of October 2017

05:29 – A string of faux live action German TV shows leads into the announcement of a new Wolfenstein

05:36 – Wolfenstein The New Coleuses coming 27th October 2017

05:38 – Everything announced today will be coming this year

05:40 – And that’s that for Bethesda’s press conference!

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