Ubisoft, E3 Press Conference Live Blog

Conference Time – BST: 9pm | PT: 1pm

Check out the Bethesda press conference live blog below!

21:00 – And so we begin!

21:01 – Despite the Rabbids, it’s awesome to see Miyamoto take to the stage!

21:03 – Also, if there was any doubt remaining, Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is indeed a real game.

21:08 – Y’know what? This Mario/Rabbids game actually has a really nice aesthetic style!

21:11 – The combat seems to have a tonne of potential – easy to pick up and play, but a lot of nuance in its system.

21:13 – No release date announced for Mario & Rabbids yet, but safe to assume we could be getting one tomorrow from the Nintendo Direct.

21:16 – Next up, Assassins Creed Origin!

21:17 – Important to remember that this is the Black Flag team

21:20 – A great little trailer for Origins has done a great job at building hype for the next game in the franchise

21:21 – So err… no direct feed of gameplay?

21:22 – Next up… safe to assume this is the Crew 2

21:24 – From this trailer, it seems that Ubisoft wants to dominate every sort of vehicular racing game in the genre – what can’t you drive in this game?!

21:25 – The Crew 2 officially announced

21:27 – Won’t lie, the graphics have definitely received a boost in quality if these in-engine shots are to be believed

21:30 – The Crew 2 coming early 2018

21:31 – Next up, South Park!

21:32 – Sad that it seems we are only getting that one trailer for South Park, but it was a really funny trailer, so it’s not too bad.

21:34 – Transference announced… not quite sure what it is, but it seems creepy as hell. Coming Early 2018.

21:38 – ‘Skull & Bones’ announced by Ubisoft Singapore – A new shared world pirate game that I really hope has the same pirate feel and gameplay of Black Flag.

21:43 – Okay I’m sold. ‘Skull & Bones’ seems just like a multiplayer Black Flag and I am so, SO, sold on that idea. Helps that it is beautiful to boot!

21:46 – Okay, I’m sold, sold, sold. If that was a giant Kraken under the water just then, then I am so onboard.

21:47 – Ah, now a respite from all that glorious pirate action; it’s now time for the always mixed reception of the Just Dance section. Oh yeah, Just Dance 2018 is now official.

21:50 – Ah and we are gifted more South Park! ‘South Park: phone Destroyer’ is a tactics mobile game coming sometime in 2017.

21:52 – Correct me if I am wrong, but is this the game we hacked in Watch Dogs 2?

21:53 – ‘Starlink: Battle for Atlas’ will be coming Fall 2018. (It looks like the next toys to life game but with spaceships!) Also, it’s coming to Nintendo Switch!

21:55 – Now, ‘Steep’.

21:57 – ‘Steep’ will be receiving a Winter Olympics update titled ‘Road to the Olympics’ to coincide with the sporting event this winter.

21:59 – ‘Far Cry 5’ takes to the stage as we prepare to delve into the newest game.

22:03 – The new Far Cry seems to be doubling down on the Co-op mayhem it is so well known for

22:04 – First I thought this game was BG&E 2… but now I’m not so sure…

22:07 – Oh my god… it is Beyond Good and Evil 2… Like Michel Ancel, I too am crying right now with happiness

22:10 – I am soo happy that they are making a big deal about Beyond Good and Evil 2 because… well, well because it is a big fucking deal. What a great announcement to end the show on.

22:12 – And that’s that! Ubisoft’s E3 press conference is over for 2017 and… goddamn this was a great conference…

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