Sony, E3 2017 Predictions

Conference Time – BST: 2am (Tuesday Morning) | PT: 6pm

As we move onto the penultimate press conference of E3, we await Sony to take to the stage to unveil what they have planned next for the Playstation brand. Sony’s mantra over the past few E3’s has been ‘games, games, games’ and I don’t suspect that that will be changing anytime soon. With a healthy mix of AAA first party games, creative indie titles and assisting in crowd-funded projects; Sony have a range of bases covered in delivering what their fans want.

One area they do need to improve in, however, is by actually giving us release dates. Too often lately we have been shown games that look incredible, but then take several years to actually materialise (looking at you ‘The Last Guardian’). Hopefully, that won’t be the case this year, as I have a good few predictions that include release dates – speaking of which…

  1. Insomniac’s Spider-Man will open the show with an extended look and tentative Spring 2018 release date.
  2. Days Gone will receive a trailer and a September release date.
  3. PSVR will receive no more than 8 minutes of coverage during the press conference.
  4. Guerilla Games will show off the story DLC for Horizon: Zero Dawn with a Summer release date.
  5. Until Dawn 2 will be the ‘and one more thing’ surprise announcement of the show

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