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Check out the Sony press conference live blog below!

02:00 – And so we begin…

02:03 – After a full orchestra last year, I’m not as impressed with this 5-piece.

02:05 – Kicking off with Uncharted 4: DLC, we are shown a brand new trailer for ‘The Lost Legacy’.

02:06 – It could just be, but is the audio really quiet for anyone else?

02:08 – Visuals on the screen show me Horizon DLC, but the lack of audio means I could be mistaken…

02:10 – Finally! The audio is fixed as we head into a Days Gone gameplay segment

02:12 – From the occasional cut back to the auditorium it would appear that the people in attendance are not only getting good audio, by a live performance on stage as well!

02:14 – Really digging the way that the zombies can be used as an environmental weapon/distraction

02:16 – Days Gone closes out with a zombie bear (nice!) but unfortunately no release date.

02:16 – Sean Layton takes to the stage.

02:19 – A short run down of the year so far as well as this week for Sony and were back onto the games!

02:23 Monster Hunter World announced for PS4! Coming early 2018.

02:24 – Shadow of the Colossus remaster coming 2018 (let’s just hope it controls better than the original).

02:25 – Now, on to Marvel vs Capcom…

02:27 – MvC will be available September 19th!

02:30 – We are given another CoD: WWII trailer to pick apart – I must say its nice to have another grounded CoD coming once more. Coming November 3rd.

02:31 – Time for some PSVR now and the first game show is an oldie but a goodie – Skyrim VR will be coming to PSVR!

02:33 – Star Child announced for PSVR

02:34 – Supermassive (creators of Until Dawn) show off PSVR title ‘The Impatient’.

02:35 – ‘Monsters of the Deep’ an FFVX VR fishing game will be coming in September 2017.

02:36 – Bravo Team announced for PSVR.

02:37 – Moss announced for PSVR

02:38 – …and that looks to be that for the VR section… oh dear…

02:39 – Next up… God of War!

02:43 – God of War will be coming early 2018.

02:44 – Now time for a look at the next game by David Cage; ‘Detroit: Become Human’.

02:46 – Also, is that the guy from Greys Anatomy???

02:49 – We are introduced to Marcus, the third (?) playable character from ‘Detroit’.

02:51 – A quick look at Destiny 2 showcasing the exclusive content that PS4 owners will be getting with the game.

02:53 – If this is the end then damn this is a short press conference for a first party…

02:54 – If it is, then at least we are finishing with Spider-Man!

02:55 – It’s good to see the Arkham combat system alive and well, even if it is in a rival brand…

02:59 – I was worried about the movement not being up to par in this game, but I’m glad to see that it basically looks like the movement from Spider-Man 2 on PS2 – which is a real good thing!

03:01 – ‘Spiderman’ will be coming in 2018

03:04 – And that’s it! We end with the traditional PlayStation montage that ends all conferences, and… Holy shit was that an end credits scene for Miles Morales?! DOPE!

03:05 – Okay, that really is it now!

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