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Almost a week has passed now since Nintendo held the final press conference of E3 2017, and in doing so, brought to a close the formal briefing section of the event. Whilst ending one aspect, however, Nintendo are also the ones who are lucky enough to shepherd in the latter, show-floor centric half of E3 where people are able to go hands-on with games we may not get to play for some time. But before we move onto that, it’s time to tally up the points from our predictions this year…

In total, there were six press conferences for which I gave predictions (EA, Microsoft, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo) and two that I did not (PC and Devolver Digital) due to time constraints. Of those six, I gave five predictions for each of the appointments, with each guess valued at one point each. Therefore, each showing could have a maximum of five points, with the max possible cumulative total for all conferences topping out at thirty points overall. For guidance, below is a key you can use to see at a glance how my predictions fared:

So, without further ado, let us begin to add up the results…


With EA being the first press conference of the week, I was hoping to leave the gate running with my predictions and get a good lead going. Unfortunately, this was not the case.

While I was able to get two of my five predictions exactly right, such as Madden 18 coming with a full cinematic career mode alike to Fifa 17, and that we will see BioWare prime’s new RPG, the EA conference left my other three guesses as debunked and incorrect. Were some of my predictions a little too hopeful? Perhaps, but I still hold out hope that we will get a new Dead Space and/or Skate 4 in due time…


Microsoft was the initial first-party studio to take to the stage at E3 this year, which is already a difficult position to be in itself, let alone how much the company had riding on how this presentation would be received by the press, developers, and most importantly, the public. With the debut of a brand new bit of hardware in the shape of Project Scorpio confirmed weeks prior to the event, the question then became pointed towards what games would Microsoft be showing at their press conference 2017?

Well, we got an answer to that question right at the beginning of the show; forty-two games. Over the hour and a half briefing, we were treated to a showing 42 games that will be coming to Microsoft in the coming years. But did any of the announcements help score me points in my predictions? Well, kind of…

While I was able to predict the original Xbox’s backwards compatibility, I was able less so to predict the exact showing of Crackdown 3 on stage, as well as the exact price and name of Project Scorpio (now titled ‘Xbox One X’). Where I didn’t receive any points, however, were in my (admittedly far-fetched) predictions that we would not only see a sequel to Alan Wake, but also a reboot of the ‘Perfect Dark’ ip as an open world RPG… maybe next year!


Bethesda’s press conference was truly a stand out this year in terms of the sheer production value that went into conference. Using little vignettes in between each segment helped keep the conference moving at a brisk and well-balanced pace while giving an overall cohesiveness to proceedings. It’s a shame then, that none of my predictions was about the actual conference production itself. Instead, let’s take a look at how well I did with regards to predicting the announcements at the Bethesda E3 conference.

This was my most accurate set of predictions so far and thought I only managed to get one guess 100% correct, I was still able to predict another three results to varying degrees of accuracy. First of all, I correctly predicted that we would see a trailer for Dishonored 2’s DLC at the Bethesda Showcase and thankfully we did. Of the guesses I only got partly right, I predicted that we would see the new Wolfenstein game, Evil Within 2 and that we would see some switch specific content for Skyrim. Unfortunately, the prediction that I got completely wrong was that Todd Howard would take to the stage and give us a tease as to what Bethesda game studios were working on next.

Thankfully, I didn’t do too bad with these predictions.


As we switch onto Ubisoft press conference of E3 this year, we also move onto, what I would call, the best announcement of the show; Beyond Good and Evil 2. It has been fourteen years since the first game made its way onto store shelves and started to garner a cult following. In the years since then, the clamouring for a sequel has never let up.

Though we received a trailer a good few years back, and then the supposed leaked gameplay a couple years after that – this is the first time in a long, long time that Ubisoft has formerly confirmed that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is, in fact, in production. Luckily then, that it was one of my predictions!

Of which, I picked up points in two other predictions with a full point coming from correctly guessing that at the Ubisoft showing, we would get a brand new look at South Park: The Fractured But Whole, and half a point for guessing that we would see a trailer for Far Cry 5 focusing on the villain and a section of gameplay. Where I messed up, however, was in the lack of a new Ubi Arts game shown, and in the non-existence of a brand new Splinter Cell.


With all of the third-party’s finished now, we move onto the Sony Playstation conference where I didn’t do too bad in terms of points. Overall, the showing at E3 2017 felt a little too much like a re-hash of the conference last year, with no big, new announcements (outside of a ‘Shadow of the Colossus’ remaster), and even more dishearteningly, hardly any proper 2017 release dates given. But I digress, that is another article…

Only one of my guesses was completely wrong with regards my Sony predictions this year, and that came in the form of no ‘Until Dawn 2’ being announced; while unfortunate, it was a bit of a pie-in-the-sky guess. Where I did collect points, however, was with Spiderman showing some extended gameplay, just not at the beginning of the presser, ‘Days Gone’ getting a new trailer, just no September 17 release and in Guerilla Games showing off the first ‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ DLC, just no summer release. Where I picked up a full point, fortunately, was in the prediction that PSVR would get no more than eight minutes of screen time.


Finally, we make our way to the final press conference of the week; the Nintendo Direct. Alike to Bethesda’s pre-recorded intervals, Nintendo benefited from having a pre-taped press conference this year, as the production felt as solid as the announcements they were giving, creating a great all round experience. Though I was unable to score a whole point from any one of my predictions for Nintendo’s E3 Direct, I was, however, able to score a range of points from four, somewhat correct, predictions.

First of all, I guessed that we would get some Mario Odyssey gameplay and a release date, but unfortunately, it did not open the show. Next, that ‘Mario + Rabbids’ would get a fresh chunk of gameplay and a new story trailer, but only a trailer came to fruition. After this, I came close to nailing details about ‘Breath of the Wild’s first DLC but was a month out on the actual release date. And finally, that Nintendo would spend time on the third-party deals they have, which they did, just not ten minutes worth.

Where I did not receive any points, however, was in the lack of an Animal Crossing Switch announcement (which I am still shocked at).

Final Total -/30


So then, at the end of all six of the press conferences, I ended up with just under half the possible points totalling at 13.38 out of a possible 30. So not great. Not terrible – but not great either. Here’s hoping that at E3 next year, I am able to fair at least a little better in my predictions… Let me know how your E3 predictions turned out in the comments below, and stay tuned for more content coming your way.

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