Justice League – Trailer Rewind

After the under rated Batman v Superman, and the… not so great Suicide Squad, the debut trailer for Justice League has finally been shown off for the first time. Wonder Woman may be the next film on DC’s pallet, but Justice League is the event film that will set the bar and tone going forward for Batman & co. Therefore, in this trailer rewind I attempt to break down the first trailer for Justice League, the fifth film in the in the DC cinematic universe.

I hope you enjoy!

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Train To Busan Review

Bringing the Genre Back from the Dead

As of late, the zombie genre has gradually been turning into a husk of its former, glorious self. An oversaturation of bad films have flooded the market; movies tend to focus more on action than the true horror of the situation and the absence of practical effects in lieu of dodgy CGI have all taken a toll on what was a once-loved mainstay in cinema. Train to Busan laughs at these recent tropes and provides a film that can stand with the classics. Filled with the heart found in the likes of ‘Maggie’ and coupled with the tense dread of the massive hordes in ‘World War Z’; this film is a combination of all the best elements of zombie films from over the years.

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