E3 2017 Prediction Results

I Could have done better…

Almost a week has passed now since Nintendo held the final press conference of E3 2017, and in doing so, brought to a close the formal briefing section of the event. Whilst ending one aspect, however, Nintendo are also the ones who are lucky enough to shepherd in the latter, show-floor centric half of E3 where people are able to go hands-on with games we may not get to play for some time. But before we move onto that, it’s time to tally up the points from our predictions this year…

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Nintendo, E3 2017 Predictions

Conference Time – BST: 5pm | PT: 9am

As we wait for the Nintendo Direct to begin, it’s important to remember that a Direct can be a wild beast. Being a pre-recorded press conference, Nintendo is afforded the ability to craft a specific look and feel for their platform to announce games. The question is then, what announcements can we expect to be graced with? A new metro? Pokemon? Maybe a new mobile game? For the last time this week, check out my predictions for the upcoming press conference and let me know what you think!

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